Sunday, 9 November 2014

This is WAR 101!!!

Olá! bloggers.

Have you ever made a sling shot from limited materials. Well I did that exact same thing today with Paul in Engineering 101. The selected material were unlimited celetape and masking tape, card/paper, 1 straw, 1 paperclip, 1 popsicle stick and 1 rubber band. It wasn't something you throw of course you used it like in this photo.-> ->
Unfortunately some of our arrows went on the roof! :-(
Here is a quick riddle to finish off my blog:
It's time to phone a friend for a little math fun ...get your calculator...this works!
(Note: Ignore your area code and use only your seven digit phone number)
1) What are the first 3 digits of your phone number? (do NOT include the area code)
2) Multiply by 80
3) Add 1
4) Multiply by 250
5) Add in the last four digits of phone number
6) Add in the last four digits of phone number again
7) Subtract 250
8) Divide by 2
Is the result your phone number?

Reid always photo bombing photos.

Over and out,
Thomas W

Sunday, 14 September 2014

RUSH hour

Hi bloggers,
Today has been the most rushed day I've ever experienced. Today is all about our discovering your past projects because the deadline is next week. Now practically all of us are practicing our presentation for the spring fling. we talk about the presentation in front of a group and a teacher. Some of the topics are - the family tree, Country of importance (where your from), pros and cons of immigration and of course the world map.
Over and out,

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Moviiie

The Moviiie, you may be wondering what the Moviiie means? It has 3 i's so the Movie 3 basically, but I wanted to call it an awesome name. The Moviiie is the trailer on 'UP' but I have added sound affects like dogs barking, bombs, thunder noises and planes flying by. This is all done on garage-band using loops which are noises/sound effects that you can use to help or edit the video. Also you can sing on GarageBand, and play instruments like the keyboard and guitar. So I would highly recommend this software for you music lovers out there.

Over and out,

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Con- Consent- Concentric circles

Privet and get ready for the greatest blog of your life. Privet means "hello" in Russian

Image result for kandinskyAfter the roll and Admin at the start of the day I drew... CIRCLES!! Not plain circles, concentric circles by Kandinsky- the famous Russian artist. I got challenged by drawing the circles. We looked at a video by a lady and she made it look sooo easy but guess what... it WAS NOT. The whole meaning was draw concentric circles of the colour that you thought the music linked to.

Over and out,

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Kyle is 2 face!!

Today Kyle turned 2 face!! I know its terrifying but we'll all have to live with it. NO Kyle turned 2 face in a Pablo Picasso art called  Cubisum. It is when you put 2 faces inside of 1, so basically 2 in 1!! We picked a buddy (Mine was Kyle) and drew their face like Pablo Picasso. I haven't finished yet but it is looking good. But sadly still I have to look at Kyle's 2 face

Over and out,
Thomas ;-)

Sunday, 20 July 2014

How to calm STRESS!!


Please don't bash your computer if you are stressed! I'll tell you how to calm it down. Say "Thank you!"
This task was with Nicola. It was named Stress. I don't know how she came up with that name? We watched a quick clip about how to relax and soothe that stress that you have. Go out for exercise, find your own private place, and most of all take a good ten deep breaths, breathing in and out. We got to relax for ten minute drawing with calming music. It was like I was living in Hawaii: Relaxing... until the music went off... AND we had to stop! 

Over and out,
The advise you can trust

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Bullying vs Friendship?

Welcome back bloggers,

The first task for today was...Friendship/Bullying with Paul.

As a group we talked about what we thought makes a good friend,  and what we thought bullying was.  For the 'what makes a good friend' question, most people came up with loyalty, kindness and standing up for others.

With the bullying question, we all had different answers. Mine were that bullies don't care about others and also they take their tempers out on others.

Here is a link to youtube for a clip about two people who had been bullied at their old school. They then wrote a song about it

Over and out,